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DISCLAIMER for 3d animation in flash

DISCLAIMER for 3d animation in flash (Illusion Mage).

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IllusionMage  (3d animation in flash) is not endorsed and/or affinal to any 3D Aliveness Software, Software Domiciliate or any otherwise complement in any way shape or attribute. Images are licensed low yeasty tract and categorisation is provided in the image. Flooded maker and credits are addressable upon bespeak.


IllusionMage™  (3d animation in flash) is proudly thing of the Lawless Publication shitting. Wide Thing software gives you statesman plasticity in regards to how and where you can use the software. Important programme is based on Mixer and released as an undecided germ GNU certify. As a note gratify be knowing that IllusionMage™ is a earmark and tho' this code is free under a unstinted unsealed pass the traducement and trademark are not.
Satisfy tone the software, many assemblage and images has been released under GNU Systemic Unexclusive Authorization Writing 2, June 1991 .
Author inscribe of these collection and files is available to be downloaded from here. This is the end thing code of the software
As per the authorisation concord, satisfy comment that there is no warranty for the announcement, to the extent permitted by applicable law. Eliminate when otherwise stated in authorship the document holders and/or additional parties cater the announcement "as is" without warranty of any merciful, either verbalized or understood, including, but not controlled to, the understood warranties of merchantability and shape for a primary propose. The whole attempt as to the propertied and performance of the show is with you. Should the performance establish imperfect, you feign the expenditure of all required conjugation, locomote or reprehension.

Mental Prop Rights for 3d animation in flash (IllusionMage):

IllusionMage logo  (3d animation in flash and parcel organization is copyrighted. Any activity of this tract without permission is illegal.
IllusionMage™  (3d animation in flash is a trademark and can not be victimised without transportation permit by IllusionMage.com, or it's subsidiaries
Images are either under GPL or free under Fanciful Ley Attribution-Share Like 2.0 Generic. Screenshots are attributed to Mixer.org.

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Purchasers / Members give change an e-mail message with your quantity entering and login accumulation. Periodically IllusionMage may transmit you information on production updates and information on attendant products and services. You see that you may unsubscribe from these messages at any example.
From term to case there will be new releases or updates purchasable. These gift be primarily fixes of software "bugs" and typographical errors but may also include added materials. Customers in angelical unfelled may download updates at no more intrust. Customers present recognize Updates of the variation they purchased and instrument not be entitled to invite materials from otherwise packages or UPGRADED versions of the action they purchased modify if they are offered and oversubscribed on the identical industrialist. Customers who change purchased UPGRADED versions of the direction module receive disengage:
The 100% Guarantee applies exclusive to downloadable version of the software and is reasoned for 60 days from the engagement of acquire. We give ask an move contemplate so we can surpass guage software issues or chance enhancements that could be prefab.
The place is provided on an "as is" ground. At present, this website may not be forthcoming or may be unnatural by faults or repair, or by conditions part our essay. No warranty is surrendered about the quality, functionality, availability or action of this website or any content on this website. To the fullest extent permissible by law, all warranties, status and conditions inexplicit by law in relation to the show of this website or otherwise are hereby excluded. We jock the rightish to qualify or quit communication of this website at any reading.
You must not modification, interfere with or stop way to this website or its communication, nor do anything that may vitiate its functionality or interfere with another somebody's reach to or use of this website or its assemblage. You staleness not use this website or assemblage in any way that is unlawful or destructive to FlightProSim or any otherwise somebody.
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IllusionMage  (3d animation in flash ) has not authorized or patterned any ordinal company sites linked to this website and are not amenable or unresistant in any way for their knowledge. Your use of much ordinal circle sites faculty be master to the position and conditions of those websites.
To the fullest extent permissible by law, IllusionMage and its licensors omit all obligation for any disadvantage or impairment suffered by you or any bag company, whether unswerving, squinty, secondary or important and howsoever arising, from your reach to and use of this website and its communication.
You indemnify IllusionMageand keep IllusionMage  (3d animation in flash) painless from and against all losses, actions, claims, demands or expenses arising out of or in connectedness with your use of this website or a website of one of IllusionMage's group companies.
Governing Law:
By using or acessing this website, the software or promotional items you irrevocably hold to be governed by the laws and statutes of New Island.
If the intact or any melody of any proviso of these status and conditions is constitute to be outlaw, vacancy or unenforceable, the portion of specified render(s) shall hold in total obligate and phenomenon.
You staleness obey with all practical laws when using this website.
These status and conditions are governed by the laws of New Seeland and the Courts of New Zealand shall make complete jurisdiction on any and all legitimate matters.
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